Our concept

Choose your own pottery and get creative with paint.

Visit Our Cafe

Have a drink in our cafe. We are open all week.

Make a reservation

Be sure to have a seat and make your reservation online.

Here’s how it works

1.     Choose pottery
Go exploring and choose from our large range of ceramics, paint, brushes, and tools
We guide and give tips and tricks.

2.     Settle down and decorate your pottery  
Take a seat, order a drink from our café, and immerse yourself in your work of art.

3.     We glaze and fire your ceramics
When you are finished, you leave your ceramics to us. We glaze and fire it, so that it becomes shiny and usable.

4.     You collect your ceramics
Your ceramics are ready for collection 4 weeks after your visit.

The price rates depend on the pottery you choose. Prices start from 10 Euro. A studio fee of €12,50 is charged per person, per session, to cover all materials paint, glazing and firing of all items decorated that session. The studio fee is per person, not per item.

Visit us in our cafe

Oude boteringestraat 1-1
9712GA Groningen

Opening hours
Monday – Friday            10:00 – 20:00
Thursday                            10:00 – 21:00
Saturday                            10:00 – 20:00
Sunday                                12:00 – 18:00

Make a reservation

We are pleased that you would like to visit us
Booking of seats
You book a seat for 2 hours. If seats available, you can sit longer and are of course more than welcome to do so. We must kindly make you aware of the fact that our seats are reserved for painting guests. If there are additional guests in your company, who are not painting, we ask you to notify us in the comment section. We will do what we can to provide an extra chair by your seats.
If you need to book a space for 6+ people, to celebrate a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, teambuilding, or something else – we ask you to write to us. 
Food and drinks
Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own food or drinks. We have a large selection of hot/cold drinks and pastry for you to purchase in the shop and enjoy while you are painting.
Special needs
Unfortunately, we don’t have room for strollers in the shop.
We have to make you aware of smaller stairs in the shops.
Artsy Avenue
Come inside our beautiful cafe and be inspired for your next creative project.
Connect, create, and cherish unforgettable moments.